Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts’ cultural project, offers a dynamic and diversified cultural programme of concerts and exhibitions: a multidisciplinary approach in which debates, theatre, cinema, literature and other disciplines meet to reflect on the connections between art and society.
The annual report is shows the successes and objectives achieved and it is the tool to show it to members and investors.
Bozar, a cultural institute that is central to the Belgian cultural scene, financed by public subsidies, partnerships and philanthropic donations, it is essential to give an overview of the projects, exhibitions and events brought to the capital.
For this reason, the aim of the publication was not only to show numbers and results but to do so attractively and artistically.

For this reason, under the artistic direction of Alberto Maccari, the pages of the annual report have been designed as a catalogue, with a minimalist Bauhaus-style feel, in an attempt to immediately convey the mission of the cultural body.
Each section has a different layout, built around the content to enhance its form.

Lastly, for the cover, we were explicitly asked to create an image that would convey Bozar's mission of being a container for events and a cultural aggregator.

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