I am a creative solopreneur and the founder of White Rabbit a design studio in Brussels dedicated to industry associations’, NGOs’ and non-profit organisations’ communication.
I started as a young designer in Rome, making my first steps in creating communication materials for the European Social Fund and political institutions. Animated by the conceptual, and not only graphic, approach to creation, I moved to Milan and then Dusseldorf to work for some of the most creative advertising networks in the world: international agencies such TBWA, Havas and J. Walter Thompson. There I followed consumer and social communication projects, on national and pan-European levels, for almost 2 decades.
I have also stretched my skills in new fields: I joined Bauer Media UK in Moscow as creative director, for the launch of 2 lifestyle magazines (Empire and Car) for the Russian market, and I led the in-house creative unit of one of the biggest lingerie brands in Europe (Triumph) while living in Munich.
Once in Belgium, I used my passion for UX design and new technologies honed during my first entrepreneurial experience in London, when working on the third phase of the rebranding of Proximus. As an external consultant, I managed internal and external design teams on nine projects in three months. It was the new media linked to tech innovation that led me to win the role of Head of Creation of the newly established Belgian branch of Isobar Dentsu Aegis group, one of the digital agencies at the forefront of experiential communication. I lead the creative team for clients such as Anheuser-Busch InBev (Corona, Leffe, Jupiler, Cubanisto), Mondelez (Stimorol), Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol), Opel, Seat, Timberland, Stada group (Euro Generics).
Driven by the pandemic situation, I went back to collaborate with agencies on the development of corporate communication strategies and the production of design materials for European associations in Brussels, such as AmCham, APPLiA Europe, EPTDA, BOZAR, CAOBISCO, CeCe, CER, CIUS, Cobalt Institute, Edana, ETUI, LightingEurope and AGE Platform Europe.
As a visceral lover of creating and seeing ideas taking shape, I feel rewarded when craftsmanship and passion are valued.
That is why, in one of the pivotal moments in the entire world economy, I launched a light, dynamic creative agency model based on a network of experts I met during my career. Today, White Rabbit answers with its network of freelancers the needs of Belgian SMEs and continues to follow associations in content creation for digital marketing.​​​​​​​
In 1994, in the creative turmoil of my last year at the experimental art school - the only one at the time that taught computer graphic design - I was selected to participate in the first European Youth Week. It was a trip that changed my worldview forever, giving me a sense of community and hope for the future. Two weeks spent in Strasbourg with a packed agenda of debates, seminars and workshops under the slogan: ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL. The program led to my participation in the European Parliament in drafting a bill against racism in schools. Ultimately, this experience disrupted the way I communicate with others and erased the clichés and cultural prejudices we sometimes attribute to those we do not know.
Then, 25 years ago, I joined my first design agency, the one that had seen me as an intern during my final grade as a graphic designer. There I had the opportunity to create campaigns for the European social fund and develop one of my first interactive projects (on CD-Rom at the time) to raise awareness of the European Union. In that case, I developed the idea of the European flag puzzle, where the different pieces became animated cartoon characters in search of their rightful place in the composition of Europe’s symbol.
external consultant
My profile can be of value both as a collaborator and as an external service provider to the organisation, as I can combine an analytical approach and structured management to a deep understanding of the communication industry and a proven skill to manage cross-media communication projects.
Shall you have in need of managing the communication or defining the new strategy for your brand or next social media campaign, do not hesitate to reach out.
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