Viagra for President - Oil on canvas 100x150 cm
The former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is without doubts one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Successful businessman in the early 80s, he founded and raised his telecommunication and media empire over the decades. He entered politics in 2001, strong of his popularity as entrepeneur and most successful manager of the soccer team AC Milan that lead to win every competition in the world for a club.A charismatic self-made man who, with his excesses and a extremely exuberant personality, was not only able to rule an entire nation but also to feed the media with his political, business and sexual life. 

When in the 2012, at age of 80, the headlines reported that he was part of the sexual scandal "Rubigate" (called by the media from the name of the underage prostitute who took part to the Bunga-Bunga parties at Berlusconi's villa), it was definitely clear that there was no boundary left between Mr. Berlusconi private life and institutional role.
Viagra for president summarises my image of this rich, powerful and lascivious old man that had treated a country as it was his prostitute.
Lucky strike - Oil on canvas 100x150 cm
Every smoker knows that every cigarette he may enjoy can later become a direct link to serious health diseases. It's maybe the same equation that happened to US if we consider Osama Bin Laden its cancer since the attack of 9/11. Back in the 80s, American secret services tried to contrast the Soviet attack on Afghanistan by finacing and training rebels leaded by Bin Laden, for ten long years.​​​​​​​
This is why I matched the uncaring behavior of a smoker towards his own health with the machist actions from the 80s promoted by the foreign politics of the USA with a dangerous lack of calculation of long term geopolitical risks. also, I aimed to create a visual link between the iconic "smoking " Twin towers from that terrible attack and the tobacco brand Lucky Strike. All strong subconscious links beetween a home-trained terrorist and a homeland tobacco giant, all lies we  buy from who govern us.
Bin Laden could be considered as one of the Americans’ product of death like its tobacco industry. The name Lucky Strike sadly well matches with the choice of the terrorist to hit the towers with two planes.
Think different - Oil on canvas 100x150 cm
In occasion of two geographically distant and apparently not linked events, the Catholic church and the Western world discovered how a truth well told can make a prophet and how bad communication can let loose followers, not only on social medias.
In April 2003, when Joseph Ratzinger became Pope and took the “heavy” heritage from Giovanni Paolo II, he made a poor entry in the wider public space with his cold and short first investment speech. Just a month later, in California, the world assisted to one of the most inspirational speeches ever made to the young generations: the 'stay hungry, stay foolish' speech of Steve Jobs, addressed to the UCLA graduates, which dominated the media worldwide. The direct and passionate father-like words spreading viral on the web became a mantra for hundreds of thousands people.
United Fruit Co. - Oil on canvas 100x150 cm. Shortlisted at Celeste Prize 2007​​​​​​​

George W Bush, son of the former USA president Georg W Bush Senior, was for sure one of the most controversial presidents of the US. His lack of personality and poor political charism throw shadows on his ability to lead a country like the USA, since his election. After his second mandate, won with a minimum difference against Al Gore, it became clear to everyone around the world that he is a puppet, put in the White House by the strong powers of Lords of War and Petrol companies.
His poor foreign politics lead the word into the second gulf war, based on a too easy excuse of fighting Middle East terrorism.
Under his mandates, we saw the worst American behaviors outside the US borders, with echoes still today.
George W Bush is the icon of the economic and political colonialism of a super power, that after the fall of communism in the 90's acted aggressively and with no rules.
This behavior, dictated by the need to not lose dollar power on the petrol stock market, reminds the monopoly at the beginning of the 20th century when the US embargoed the Latin American states. Blocking the international exports of fruit of these states allowed US companies to establish and rule the trade internationally through the United Fruit Company, known today under the name of Chicquita.
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