Mazda Lightweight

This new Mazda campaign was bringing to life a new brand communication strategy: Mazda wanted to bring in also corporate values and heritage, and not just talk about the products. Therefore this new pan-European campaign took at its centre the human behind the company. The campaign was based on 4 longer docu-films, hosted on the Mazda website, based on interviews with Mazda engineers talking about company vision, history, challenges, their passion. To support the content, short cut off of these films were seeded on digital media, which aimed to bring people to the site and full content.

TVC 30” - Mazda 2, Lightweight.
TVC 30” - Mazda 5, Sliding doors (Soji door).
In these docu-films, the messages were linked to traditional Japanese heritage, like the Karakuri folding seats, edited in parallel with a footage of the ancient Karakuri dolls to explain the effortless mechanism of a complex gearing system that takes energy from gravity.
The Soji door (Sliding doors)
The Karakuri folding seats
The Craftmakers
The i-Stop
The Challengers
The Jinba ittai feeling

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